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I'm doing a bunch of stuff, but none those really require a whole blog posts for themselves at this point. So here's a collection of updates on different exercises.


I'm still remembering a lot of dreams, but haven't really made any huge breakthroughs concerning lucid dreaming. I had one really cool . . .

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August 16, 2014

I dislike a service!

It's curious.

Since beginning Hacked Man, I've sort of loved all the different apps and services that I've tried. I might not have kept on using all of them, but they've felt cool and useful and I've been impressed that clever people have built these things for me.

Today, I tested a service that I actually I disliked. This post . . .

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August 13, 2014

Thought hooks

Gotta catch 'em all

Once again, Kaj Sotala posted something interesting and Hacked Man -relevant on the Internet. This time it was a post about thought hooks: automated thinking habits that kick in once a predetermined condition is met.

Kaj actually suggested that installing a few thought hooks could be a nice thing to test for Hacked Man, which is . . .

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August 08, 2014

Binaural beats

What are they? Do they work?

I've been using binaural beats as an aide for meditation. I haven't yet decided if they are closer to homeopathy and angel healing or academic neuroscience. If nothing else, they seem like a a harmless tool to block out sound.

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Binaural beats - according to research and Internet

Binaural beats were . . .

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August 05, 2014

Never will I ever

Except now a bit.

I suddenly realized that I'm doing lots of stuff that I've never been interested in before or even have said at the beginning of Hacked Man that I won't be doing. What's this?

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Weight has been one of the least interesting things for me personally (as I've always had about the same weight . . .

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August 01, 2014

Why a diary?

What's the point? Are there perks?

I'm using Hacked Man as a tool to ensure I keep writing a diary. First 20 years I managed fine without any diary. Then at some point I realized that I don't really remember anything about those 20 years.

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After that I've always sort of tried to keep writing a diary. The success has been varied, at . . .

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July 29, 2014

First month of Beeminding


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I've spent the first month and a half on Beeminder, and have fallen utterly in love with it.

I'm pretty obedient when it comes to myself. I usually don't have that many problems stopping or beginning habits. The hard part is remembering that I've decided on something. Beeminder does amazing work in . . .

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July 24, 2014


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